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Danjur – Alpha Male

Danjur – Alpha Male


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It happens to anyone. You meet a girl, you get along, and you start hanging out regularly. She likes your company and shows it. She’s even the first to contact you sometimes. But there’s a problem: you know she’s not interested in being in a relationship with you, even though you spend a lot of time together and talk to each other often. That’s what it means to be in the friend zone. It’s an awkward situation, but thankfully, it can be avoided by making the right relationship decisions. It’s just a matter of giving the message that no, you’re not interested in being just friends. You’re interested in being more.

Be Romantic

Pay attention to the way you act around the person you like. A little touch here and there will give the impression that you’re interested. If she backs away, don’t push it. But at least she’ll know that you’re not just there for friendly company. Also, learn to establish direct eye contact when you’re in a conversation. While friends may not bother having intimate conversations, you have to learn to start them with the person you like.

Don’t Do Friend Duties

This is basic, but it’s surprising how many men still fall for this. Whenever the girl you like asks you to do an errand for her like pick up her laundry or buy food for her cat, pass up. Don’t be the pushover friend who’ll do anything because you like the girl. Learn to establish boundaries. You’re someone that your girl should see as a potential mate, not as a potential maid.

Show Off Your Attractive Qualities

Ask yourself what women would find attractive in you and highlight it. If you’re a talented singer, invite the girl you like to your gigs. If you paint or draw, show her your work. If you’re a businessman earning a great living, show her your business. Whatever you’re passionate about, tell her about your future—she’ll love it.

Arrange Dates, Not “Hang Outs”

One of the most common reasons men get friend zoned is that they’d rather “hang out” with the women they like rather than to ask them out on a real date. Though it might come off as traditional, asking the girl you like out for a real date will give a clear signal that the relationship is heading towards somewhere romantic. Reserve a good table at a restaurant you like and take her out. Don’t just ask to “hang out”—though she might be more comfortable with the idea of casually spending time together, hanging out is likely to put you in the friend zone.


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