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MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way): What Is It?

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MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way): What Is It?

Humans are a sexually dimorphic species, as such we innately, and generally unconsciously, value the well-being of females over males. This has created a gender compassion gap, where both men and women are hypersensitive to the suffering of women and callous to the suffering of men. This is called gynocentrism.

Even though men are 3x more likely to commit suicide, 12x more likely to die on the job, are the majority of the homeless population, are more likely to be victims of violent crimes, are more likely to victims of sexual assault (when you include prison rape), will (on average) receive 63% harsher sentences for crimes than women who commit the same crimes, and I could go on.. Even though all of that is true, the vast majority of society still perceives women as needing more support than men. This is why we’re concerned about violence against women, but not men. This is why were there are thousands of shelters for female victims of domestic violence, and only a few shelters for men despite the overwhelming evidence showing gender parity in domestic violence cases.

Feminism, traditionalism and romantic chivalry are all forms of gynocentrism. There is very little point in being anti-feminism or anti-traditionalism, and the wiser MGTOW reject the labels, because gynocentrism is innate and these are just symptoms of our biological realities. If feminism or traditionalism were defeated, another form of gynocentrism would replace them.

As such, MGTOW seek to reduce the amount of coercive gynocentric influences in their lives. They do this primarily by avoiding marriage and having children, but in some cases will try to reduce all female and government influence from their lives as much as possible.

This allows men more time for creative pursuits and self-improvement. Many of the greatest men in history have been MGTOW in this sense. Tesla, Newton, Alhazen, the Wright Brothers, Ralph Nader, etc.

Some proto-MGTOW philosophy was written by Esther Vilar and Chinweizu Ibekwe. Specifically The Manipulated ManThe Polygamous Sex and Anatomy of Female Power by those authors.

The most influential MGTOW exist on YouTube, and start with Barbarossa, Spetsnaz, RazorBladeKandy and Stardusk.

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