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Danjur – Alpha Male

Danjur – Alpha Male


Why go MGTOW?

Why go MGTOW?

Good Judgment advises against investing time or money in a liar, a cheat, or a thief.

The divorce rate is somewhere around 40%-50% and women initiate it 70%-80% of the time. Even if you’re a caring, considerate, and compassionate man, the odds are she will falsely accuse you of the crimes of Domestic Violence or Rape. However, because she accused you in civil court…you won’t get your constitutional right to an attorney, to remain silent, a jury trial of your peers, nor will anyone investigate the veracity of her allegation to determine whether or not criminal charges should be pressed. Most of the time…a police report is never filed.

But if you are accused in civil court, you will likely be found guilty. You will be required to pay your ex’s attorneys fees, be prevented from parenting your children and your personal and professional reputation will be forever be destroyed…because this goes on your permanent court record.

Speaking of your children…studies have found paternity fraud to up to 50%. This means that there’s a possibility the child your ex tells you is yours…isn’t. However, even though your woman committed fraud…which in every other type of law allows you to vacate any judgment or contract associated with it…you’ll still be considered the child’s father and you will still have to support the child created by your woman’s infidelity.

If the woman refuses to get a job…or if she makes significantly less than you…the court will order you to financially support her. In fact, they will give her the majority of your assets. She will be banging her new boyfriend in the home you bought; driving him around in the car you bought; and spending the retirement you earned on him.

Many men after divorce are left in poverty. Men make up the majority of America’s homeless.

Once men go through this, many fall into depression and commit suicide. The suicide risk for men rises 40% after a break up.

The above risks are real. Men are crucified and die every day because of lying, cheating, and stealing women.

So with this in mind, what’s a man to do?

Good Judgment tells to avoid investing our time or money in a liar, a cheat, or a thief.

Good judgment tells us to stop playing a rigged game.

Good Judgment tells us to go MGTOW.

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