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Danjur – Alpha Male

Danjur – Alpha Male

What do feminists think of men going their own way (MGTOW)?


What do feminists think of men going their own way (MGTOW)?

When women go their own way, as in not subscribing to marriage in pursuit of other life choices like career and education and sexual freedom, they have been accused of being too masculine, bitches, witches, old maids, barren, lesbians, whores, or sluts.

When they have tried to pursue certain careers or education, they have been told they couldn’t or were forbidden to do so. They have been denied basic rights like maternity leave and equal pay when they have tried to pursue careers. They have been disfigured (by acid for example), arrested (even in recent times in remote areas of Saudi Arabia or areas under ISIS and Taliban rule, and going back to ancient Greece and Assyria when women weren’t to leave the house unattended) and have been killed. In ancient Assyria, it was law that if a woman spoke out of turn she was to have her teeth smashed with a brick (it’s just before the Code of Hammurabi, on the Enmetena and Urukagina cones, see my source: Ascent of Women,..).

Women have been killed in honor killings when not wanting to marry someone or being accused of pre-marital sex or adultery. They have been killed in domestic violence situations in percentages that out way the percent of men killed in domestic violence situations. Women are killed every day for rejecting sexual advances and/or ending relationships in much higher numbers than women kill men in similar situations. Women have had their feet bound and disfigured so that they could not wander far. They have been told that they must cover their bodies in order to go outside (in some places and times this was as much a woman could hope for going their own way) or they could face severe punishment.

Doctor’s have broken their pelvises in half causing permanent disfigurement or death so that women won’t miscarry during labor (thanks to Ireland’s staunch Catholic view of ‘pro-life.’) to ensure that women had no control over their own bodies (going their own way I’m assuming means have autonomy over your body). They have had birth control pills, designed to help them ‘go their own way’ not covered by insurance when Viagra is. They have had their clitorises removed and vaginas sewn up in hopes that they wouldn’t have sexual freedom or pleasure so that they wouldn’t seek their own lovers. They have been locked in asylums for wanting out of bad marriages or having financial disputes with their husbands- meaning they wanted more financial independence and freedom. They have had to seek back alley abortions to ‘go their own way’ from pregnancy and parenthood, and have wound up permanently injured or dead. They have been raped and gang raped for ‘going their own way’— going outside for a walk, and been told that it was their fault for wearing make up, skirts, heels, or even nail polish. Women have been wanting to go their own way for a long time.

Men have always been much more free compared to women to choose how their lives have turned out. Men have been much more free to go out into the world without fear of being murdered or raped. Men have been more free to pursue education and career. They have also been more free to choose their own sexual partners compared to women and should they remain single, are called confirmed bachelors. But with MGTOW, it’s a ‘movement’ where all they do is bash and blame women because they haven’t had a problem going their own way— they just have a problem with women. When women want to go their own way, all they want is to be left alone.

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