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It’s easier to meet the love of your life than ever before. While people used to go out and meet other people in the streets, it’s now becoming more popular and acceptable to use an online dating profile on sites like OkCupid or dating apps like Tinder. But if you’re a guy who’s finally decided to set up an online dating profile, you have to learn to attract the type of ladies that you like. But don’t worry, there are ways that you can make your profile as great as possible.

Absolutely No Selfies

While taking a selfie may be the easiest way to add a photo to your profile, don’t rely on a selfie to spice up your love life. The truth is, it’s unlikely that anyone would look flattering two feet away. Ask a friend or a family member to take a photo of you. But don’t overdo it and use a professionally taken photo—it will look staged and will cause others to doubt your true appearance.

Show Your Career Achievements

Women will always want a man who can financially support them. When talking about your career, carefully sift through which pieces of information you should include. You don’t have to include the awards you won back when you were still in college. Just focus on where you are in the present. It will give a good assessment of where you are with your career at the moment. Don’t include salary information or anything too private. Just say what you do and who you work for.

Have Some Humor

Every girl wants a man who can make her laugh. Add a joke or two but make it natural. Stay away from clichés because you’ll seem like you’re trying too hard. A good place to put a joke would be somewhere at the start of your profile or at the end. It’s a good idea to make a joke about things you’re interested in to add a touch of personality.

Leave the Baggage

Nobody needs to know about your crazy ex-wife or your three kids. While this information should be something that your partner should know, reserve it for the third date. It’s not something that should go to your online dating profile.

Don’t Say Too Much

Nobody wants to go through a long profile. Keep your bio short and memorable. Also, make your information easy to scan and read. Include only the most important information and leave the other parts to your girls’ imagination. After all, you’d want a woman who doesn’t need to be spoon-fed with data, right?


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