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The impression you make on your first date with a girl will influence what she thinks of you in the long run. If she agreed to go on a date with you, there’s a good chance that she’s interested in getting to know you more and exploring the potential of getting into a relationship. So don’t just treat your first date casually—carefully plan and think of your moves, and who knows? You might just score a second date or a lifelong commitment.

Have Some Manners

One of the most important parts about going on a date is having some manners. It starts the moment you see each other. If the woman you’re taking out for a date still lives with her family or with a friend, don’t ignore them. Introduce yourself to the people she lives with so that they start getting comfortable with the idea of having you around.

Aside from this, have proper manners while you’re eating. You can eat like a slob all you want in your apartment, but if you go out to eat, be in your best behavior, even if you’re not in some fancy 5-star restaurant.

Dress Smart

Even though you’re not the guy who’ll typically dress up to go out, try to make an extra effort to look good (and smell better!) on a first date. Most women spend an average of two hours getting ready for first dates, and you should return the favor by also looking your best. A good tip would be to wear great shoes—women who dress well will always look for a man who cares enough to slip on a pleasant pair of shoes.

Show Off Your Humor

If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, the way to a girl’s heart is through her funny bone. Slip in a few jokes occasionally, but don’t rehearse it. The humor should come naturally between the two of you. Having a funny conversation with someone is a clear sign of compatibility.

Read Her Body Language

No one can say if you’re date is enjoying spending time with you but yourself. Look for signals that show your date is enjoying her time. If she’d rather text on her smartphone than to talk to you, that means she’s quickly losing interest. If she’s constantly checking her watch, that means she’s ready to go home. Take note of the gestures she uses to see if there’s something bothering her or if she’s genuinely enjoying her time. If you master the art of acing a first date, you’ll never have to worry about her keeping in touch with you.




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